Abstract Art

As an artistic part, abstract art contains various forms and genres which realistically portray certain textures, images, shapes, and space. Despite many audiences cannot fully see the meaning beyond the abstraction, an abstract art somehow stands unique and expressive in its ways. Significantly, abstract art works rely more on art experience and feeling than merely on visual pleasure or seeing. This art was initially originated since years ago during the Impressionist movement in about 19th century.
Monet and Cezanne
Monet and Cezanne
The abstract artists were, for example, Monet and Cezanne who particularly portrayed one’s interpretation of world instead of absolute depiction as mostly shown in realistic arts. As for the types, the abstract arts include abstract expressionism, post-painterly abstraction, lyrical abstraction, color field painting, futurism, cubism, and fauvism. Some works of those abstract arts can be seen from the pieces of DeeKooning’s, Pollock’s, Mondrian’s, Picasso’s, Morris Louis’, and many others.

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