Kinds of Journal

Journals in general contain the latest issues and popular topics around people’s life. It comes in several types, such as academic journal, literary journal, trading journal, and standard popular journal. Besides having differences in the topic discussed, each type of journals also differs in its writing standards. For instance, academic journal writing usually has particular rules on the writer should format the page, consider the word-content, include source of citations, and sometimes attach an approval or supporting evidence from experts of the topic discussed in the journal.

Unlike these strict standards, popular or standard journals usually include more relaxed standards; the writers are mostly the only one deciding the content, the length, and probably the mood of the journals which can be criticism, review, etc. Then, trading journals provide news and updates from particular industries. It is not strict in writing standards as it may contain articles with photographs, illustrations, ads, and other things to support the products’ publications. The other type is literary journals which differ in the sense that it is a compilation of essays, short stories, poetry, and other art works.

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